About Me

I have been interested in photography since I was very young , owning my first camera at 11. I undertook a BTEC in photography in my native Norfolk when I was 16 where I learned darkroom techniques and colour printing.
I graduated from UEA Norwich, in 1999 with a degree in film and English studies.
I first visited Dartmoor in 1998 and was enchanted by the magical landscape, the ancient stone circles and beautiful river valleys.

I moved to Dartmoor in 2003 and in 2005 I started my own photography business selling at Tavistock market and eventually leading photo workshops on the moor.
We never know what life has in store for us, and in 2013 I fell ill with a serious illness and became a wheelchair user. I ceased trading officially and still continue to photograph the moor, within a radius of seven miles of Tavistock where I have lived for eleven years. Lanes and the open moor visible from a car now feature in my work heavily.
I switched to two smaller lighter cameras that are easier to use and hold and still visit the moor most weeks to photograph it's beautiful landscape. I use a zoom lens to capture places I can't get to physically.

I am a wheelchair user, but things are complicated a bit by the fact I can't sit up for more than an hour a day or travel very much...with these factors in mind, ingenuity has to play a big role !
I'm lucky to live in a Devon market town that is literally half a mile from Dartmoor.
So there are many places to discover close by, about a five mile radius of where I live.
After I fell ill in 2013, and was signed off sick long term, I was determined to continue the photography that had been my career, but as so often in life there had to be some big changes. These were of course mainly viewing the moor from a car, and using much smaller equipment, compact camera and small tripod. Luckily we live in an age where everything is more accessible, and easy to use including photographic equipment.
I've also hit upon the idea of laying in the back of the wheelchair van I have access to, it has sliding doors and I can experience the view and sounds, without expending energy. There's a photo of my set up In this blog, you can see my camera on the tripod.
Using close cropping and a zoom lens I hope I can still convey the spirit of the moor.
Lanes and roads feature in my photos much more now, they are a popular subject
matter and something I overlooked when I could walk a mile or two In the past.
I have started labelling my photos on Twitter and Facebook, with a disabled symbol for access.
Even though I can't walk on the moor, just being out and seeing it from a car or laying down in the wheelchair van does me so much good. I love hearing the natural sounds, a stream, birdsong, the sound of livestock.
I do believe when life is difficult you have to look and see what you can do, even if it is limited. Difficult as it is, it's still precious, and so is the natural world I photograph.
(All the pictures attached are taken by the roadside or from the wheelchair van.)